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Sveneti Hike

Day 1

Arrival in Kutaisi

Arrival in Kutaisi, dinner and overnight stay in Kutaisi.

Please Note: Depending on arrival time, a walk through Kutaisi can be arranged so that guests can wander around its beautiful center, we recommend the following dinner spots: Restaurant Debi or Palaty.

Driving distance 25km, driving time 30 minutes.

Hotel options: Grand Opera Hotel, Hotel Memoire and Hotel Newport.

Day 2

Lunch at Oda

Drive through Okatse Canyon and Kinchkha Waterfall, lunch at Oda family winery in Samegrelo, with local, regional cuisine and local natural wines, stay overnight in Mazeri in the Becho community.

Please Note: We start early and walk the 10km trail towards Okatse Canyon through a beautiful forest of western Georgia. The lush green vegetation, limestone mountains and endemic Colchic Biom are fascinating. We will walk above the 140-meter-deep canyon on the hanging viewing trail and deck, a wonderful place for landscape photography. Kinchkha Waterfall is a cascade of two falls in a nearby village offering breathtaking views from the limestone cliff over the surrounding villages. There will also be a stop for a swim at the so-called “Green Lake”, a natural lagoon formed by the river. From here we will drive to our lunch spot in the town of Martvili, the family-run restaurant and winery Oda will host us to introduce Megrelian cuisine and natural wines of western Georgia. Then there is a long drive ahead of us to Svaneti.

Driving distance 250km, 5 hours. Stay options: Grand Hotel Ushba, as well as numerous guesthouses in Mazeri

Day 3

A full-day hike

A full-day hike towards Shudgra waterfall and glacier, an overall distance of 18km, stay overnight in Mazeri.

Please Note: The walk is not easy, but it is a truly rewarding hike with amazing views of the Ushba and Shkhelda peaks. It should only be done in good weather, starting the walk at 1,700 meters and finishing one way at 2,700 meters at the glacier of Ushba. Then walk back to Mazeri via the same trail.

Driving time 0 minutes, hiking time 8 hours with stops at multiple locations, an elevation gain of 1,000 meters.

Stay options: Grand Hotel Ushba, as well as numerous guesthouses in Mazeri.

Day 4

From Mestia towards Ushguli

Starting the hike from Mestia towards Ushguli, walking to Jabeshi (the last village in the Mulakhi community), and on the way visit the villages of Lakhiri and Chvabiani, famous for the historic Svan towers. Stay overnight in Jabeshi.

Please Note: The first day of the four-day hike is the easiest, it is only 12km, and the max elevation gain is only 400 meters. After that, it takes six hours of walking at a slow pace. We will make a sightseeing stop in two small villages of the Mulakhi community, where our expert will talk about the Svan towers and their importance and legacy. No need to carry meals or sleeping gear since we will stay in local guesthouses and eat delicious home-cooked meals.

Driving time 30 minutes, 22km. Hiking for 6 hours with a max elevation gain of 400 meters.

Stay options: Local guesthouse or camping ground near a local guesthouse.

Day 5

Overnight stay in Khadishi

Walk to the village of Khadishi, through the Ughviri pass alpine meadows at the foot of mount Tetrnuldi, overnight stay in Khadishi.

Please Note: There is 14.5km of walking with a max elevation gain of 700 meters. There will be truly breathtaking views on the second part of the hike; 360-degree panoramic views from alpine meadows.

Stay options: Local guesthouse or camping ground near a local hotel.

Day 6

A full-day hike

From Khadishi, continue through the beautiful mountain pass to the village of Iprali. Stay overnight in Iprali.

Please Note: The longest walking distance on our trip is a little shy of 20km, and a max elevation gain of 950 meters. We will cross the Adishchala river on horseback, with the help of locals, and see amazing views over glaciers and the peaks of the Greater Caucasus.

Driving time 0 minutes.

Stay options: Local guesthouse or camping ground near a local guesthouse.

Day 7

The last day of the hike

On the last day of the hike, we will reach Ushguli, walk through the village, and visit the house of Fridon Nijaradze, the late surrealist painter. We will see his working studio and an exhibition of his works at his house. Stay overnight in Ushguli.

Please Note: It will be an easy day with 12.5km of walking and a max elevation gain of 350 meters. The main highlight is the walk through Ushguli, the fascinating towers and houses preserved from the 11th century, a visit to a late artist’s house/studio, finishing the walk at Lamaria local church.

Stay options: Local guesthouse or camping ground near a local guesthouse.

Day 8

Margiani house museum

Drive and then walk to Shkhara glacier towards Mestia, visit the local history museum and Margiani house museum, and have an overnight stay in Mestia.

Please Note: Starting the day with a half an hour’s drive through the gorge leading up to the glacier, Shkhara is Georgia’s highest peak, standing at 5,200 meters. The last part of the glacier will be a hike of 45 minutes. Next, the history museum of Mestia will amaze guests with the versatility and importance of the exhibits.

Driving time 3 hours, driving distance 65km.

Stay options: Posta Hotel, Chubu Hotel and Gistola Hotel.

Day 9

Overnight stay in Kutaisi

Drive to Tskaltubo, a former Spa town, a famous resort in Soviet times, offering dozens of abandoned oversized Sanatoriums (wellness hotels), a perfect spot to walk through the ruins of Soviet architecture and take some fantastic photos. Overnight stay in Kutaisi.

Please Note: On the way back to Kutaisi, there will be a stop at Tskaltubo, the former Spa capital of western Georgia, known for its subterranean thermal springs with Radone water. The place was packed with holidaymakers from all over the USSR; it flourished throughout Soviet times, and now is trying to make a comeback as a spa destination. However, the main attraction of the spot lies in its past glory days; dozens of abandoned buildings from the 50s and 60s can be explored freely up to this day. Also, it has many karst caves in the vicinity, so the combination of these two makes Tskaltubo a must-visit spot while travelling to Georgia. It is, of course, an underexplored and less touristy destination.

Driving time 5 hours, driving distance 250km.

Stay options: Grand Opera Hotel, Hotel Memoire and Hotel Newport.

Day 10

Transfer to the airport

Transfer to the airport for departure.

Driving time 30 minutes, driving distance 27km.

What to Bring: Hiking boots, hiking attire, rain cover for you and your day sack, sunglasses, and, in case of camping outdoors, sleeping gear (a sleeping mat or sleeping bag).

There will be no need to carry your luggage throughout the hike, travelers are advised to bring only small day sacks, and some snacks, breakfasts and dinners can be organized at the guesthouses. In addition, there will be a chance to fill up and drink mountain spring water at multiple places while hiking.


Hotel Transportation
Guide services
Museum fees as per itinerary
Local taxes
Mineral wateron the bus (0.5 bottle per person)